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  • Many companies use the NMR Facilities at the Department of Chemistry.
  • We offer next day or same week service for most samples.
  • Custom rates are available on request.

Contact Information

CSICOMP Facility Manager: Darcy Burns, Ph.D.
Darcy Burns

      Lash Miller Chemical Labs
      80 St George Street
      University of Toronto
      Toronto, ON M6S 3H6
      Telephone: 416-978-0448
      Fax: 416-978-8775
      E-mail Dr. Darcy Burns, NMR Manager 
      Deliver samples to Room 20

Routine Rates

New lower prices for Proton and all-in prices for Carbon NMR; flat rate depending on concentration, as determined from Proton NMR. All prices include NMR tube and solvent.

Proton $20 per sample
Carbon $50 per sample (>= 2 mg material, MW < 2000 Da); includes 1D Proton
$200 per sample (< 2 mg material in solution); includes 1D Proton
Other Nuclei $85 / hour
2D NMR $85 / hour (maximum 3h charge per sample)
Interpretation $85 / hour

Prices are subject to change. Please consult the NMR services for current prices.

Services Available


  • Quantitative 1H or 13C spectra
  • Two dimensional spectra such as COSY, TOCSY, NOESY, HMQC, HSQC amd HMBC to fully characterize small molecules
  • Gradient water suppression
  • Microprobe analysis (Carbon-13 spectra of 1 mg can be obtained in 2h, Proton NMR of ng quantities)
  • NMR of heteronuclei
    • deutuerium
    • boron-11
    • nitrogen-15
    • fluorine-19
    • sodium-23
    • silicon-29
    • phosphorus-31
    • tin-119
    • Others done on request!
  • Variable temperature experiments




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Please email Darcy Burns with any comments

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