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New Students

Students who want to be trained on the solution NMR spectrometers should sign up for classes. You will be notified of new training course only if you have registered for training. You will need your supervisor's permission to take a training course.

Please go to online NMR Training sign up to register for training. You will need to print the form at the end and have it signed by you and your supervisor. This is form those users that have not been traning on the NMR spectrometers.

All the Liquids spectrometer are Sun Solaris workstation hosted (Varian Unity, Mercury 200) and the software is identical on all.

More information on the solution facilities is available here.

Advanced NMR Training Courses

Trained users of the NMR systems may take advanced practical courses offered occasionally by the NMR staff. Check the "Training Classes" link on the NMR Booking web pages to sign up.

Online NMR Training Courses

Some courses are available online.

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