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Orientation Week

Incoming graduate students are invited to an Orientation Week in early September. The Chemistry Department hosts an information session and a number of workshops that are mandatory to new students. January registrants will have an opportunity to attend some of the workshops that are available in the new year. 

The week starts with Chemistry's Information Session which is generally held on the first Wednesday of September. Incoming graduate students will hear from various speakers who embody a healthy cross-section of the department and university activities and services. The information session is followed by a Welcome Luncheon where new students have an opportunity to mingle with faculty, students and staff.

Throughout the week new students attend workshops that are mandatory by our department.

  • Laboratory Safety workshop
  • Teaching Assistants' Training Program
  • Laboratory Demonstration workshop
  • Chemistry Library workshop
Approval from the Associate Chair is required if unable to attend at least one of the workshops.

Visits to UT Mississauga and/or UT Scarborough campuses are also organized. All students are encouraged to join the tours. This is another opportunity for you to meet with prospective supervisors and advisory committee members and a chance to learn more about the facilities available at other campuses. Transportation will be provided.

Orientation Week is not applicable to non-degree special students/exchange students.