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Practical Information

Conditions of Admission
Teaching Assistantships
Relocating to Toronto
Items to Set-Up and Review
Registration & Fees
Course Enrolment
Funding Information
Maintain Interest-Free Government Student Loan
Health Coverage
Information from School of Graduate Studies
Alchemy E-mail Account (only if located in the Lash Miller Building)

Clearing Conditions of Admission
Review the letter of offer by the School of Graduate Studies for your conditions of admission.  If applicable, make sure to forward the appropriate paperwork to the Chemistry Graduate Office prior to the registration deadline.

Teaching Assistantship
Students may teach at any of the three campuses to fulfill their teaching requirement between September and August of the following year.  Generally, fall and winter postings are announced in June and summer postings in March by the Chemistry Graduate Office. It is recommended that students keep track of their hours by retaining the copies of their teaching contracts.Refer to the Teaching Assistantship page for more details.

Relocation to Toronto

Please see our Living in Toronto section.

Set-Up & Review
Activate Your UTORid
UTmail and institution e-mail
Learning the Portal
Banking Information on ACORN
Lab Safety for Students and Online Safety Orientation

Registration & Fees

A student is considered registered as soon as he or she has paid tuition and incidental fees. Alternatively, a student may register without payment (ie. fee deferral). The deadline for either method of registration is on the last Friday of August.

For information on the current fees for the academic year and how to pay, please visit the Fees Department.

Students who opt to register without payment until April 30th on the basis of a scholarship, teaching assistantship and/or research assistantship may do so via ACORN.  Students will continue to receive notification from the Fees Department regarding their unpaid balance.  Service charges will begin to accrue in May on unpaid balances of fees.

Students who register after the second Friday of September must go to School of Graduate Studies (63 St. George Street) with the receipt of payment and pay the late registration fee to be registered. Unregistered students will be removed from courses (and will have to re-enroll by the appropriate deadline), denied access to U of T facilities and will not receive tuition credit for September.

Course Enrolment

Students enroll in courses through ACORN.  Refer to Courses section for instructions and list of courses for the upcoming academic year.  Selection of courses must be approved by the research supervisor.  Visit the School of Graduate Studies for the important dates to add and cancel courses without academic penalty.

For details about the course requirements for your program and/or field of study, please see the MSc and PhD program requirements.

Funding Information

Refer to the Financial Information page.

Maintain Interest-Free Government Student Loan

Students who need to maintain an interest-free OSAP must take their Continuation of Interest-Free Status/Confirmation of Enrolment (Schedule 2) PDF form to the School of Graduate Studies at 63 St. George Street.

Health Coverage

Review the Graduate Student Union for the health coverage included in your incidental fees and for opt-out dates.  Teaching assistants with at least a 50-hour contract for the academic year also receive additional dental benefits and health spending account.  Please visit CUPE3902's website for more details.  The new collective settlement is also now available. Recentinternationalstudents'fees include health coverage by UHIP.

Information from School of Graduate Studies

Visit the School of Graduate Studies to find further information especially on InformationforNew Students page. 

  • Essential Grad Guide
  • Family Care Office
  • Grad Room
  • Housing Services
  • Money Matters
  • Fees
  • Orientation
  • Graduate Professional Skills Program (GPS)
  • The Graduate Student's Union
  • Library Workshops
  • Navigating Graduate Student Life (gradNAV)
  • Registration and Enrolment
  • Student Life
  • Student Card (Tcard)
  • The Supplementary Form for International Students
  • Centre for International Experience

Alchemy Account

Students who will be working in the Lash Miller Building may obtain an alchemy account in addition to your University of Toronto institutional e-mail account.  This account requires the authorization from the research advisor.  For more information, please review Information Technology procedures.   Once you have acquired an alchemy e-mail account, inform the Graduate Office of your preferred institutional e-mail contact information. 

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