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Warren Chan

Warren Chan

Academic Title: Professor (Cross Appointed), Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering

Phone: 416-946-8416

Office: CCBR 408


Research Homepage: http://inbs.med.utoronto.ca/


The Chan Research Group aims to develop and applying nanomaterials for improving the diagnosis of cancer and infectious diseases, two of the leading causes of death in the world. We utilize the distinct properties associated with nanomaterials (e.g., quantum dots, metal nanoparticles) to engineer contrast agents and delivery vehicles for targeting disease-relevant molecules, cells, organs, and tissues both in vitro and in vivo. Researchers in the lab acquire a broad range of skills, including nanomaterial design, polymer synthesis, cell culturing, and growing animal tumor models.

Selected Publications

1. K. Ming, J. Kim, M. J. Biondi, A. Syed, K. Chen, A. Lam, M. Ostrowski, A. Rebbapragada, J. J. Feld, W. C. W. Chan, "Integrated Quantum Dot Barcode Smartphone Optical Device for Wireless Multiplexed Diagnosis of Infected Patients," ACS Nano, 2015 (Mar), 9, 3060.

2. E. A. Sykes, W. C. W. Chan, "Investigating the Impact of Nanoparticle Size on Active and Passive Tumor Targeting Efficiency," ACS Nano, 2014 (May), 8, 5696-6706.

3. C. D. Walkey, J. B. Olsen, F. Y. Song, R. Liu, H. B. Guo, D. W. H. Olsen, Y. Cohen, A. Emili, W. C. W. Chan, "Protein Corona Fingerprinting Predicts the Cellular Interaction of Nanoparticles," ACS Nano, 2014 (Feb), 8, 2439-2455.

4. L. Chou, K. Zagorovsky, W. C. W. Chan, "DNA Assembly of Nanoparticle Superstructures for Controlled Biological Delivery and Elimination," Nature Nanotechnology, 2014 (Feb), 9, 148-155.

5. A. Albanese, A. Lam, J. Rocheleau, W. C. W. Chan, "Tumor-on-a-chip Provides an Optical Window for Nanoparticle Transport," Nature Communications, 2013, 4, 2718.