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David Stone

David Stone

Academic Title: Associate Professor, Teaching Stream

Phone: 416-946-0293

Office: LM 218


Research Homepage: http://www.chem.utoronto.ca/~dstone/Research/


My research interests lie in two primary areas: chemical detection and measurement, and chemical education. In the former, I am interested in the development of simple, low-cost sensors and sensor systems for continuous monitoring of important chemical species. In the latter, I am interested in the use of computer technology to aid student learning, and in the connection between high school and university experience as it influences success in first and second year chemistry courses.

One on-going project involves the development of simple ion-selective electrodes for the continuous monitoring of nitrate and nitrate in aqueous environments. Current work exploits chemically modified semiconducting polymer coatings for the potentiometric and cyclic voltametric simultaneous determination of nitrate and nitrate.

Educational initiatives include the development of virtual chromatography experiments to supplement higher-level courses in analytical chemistry, and the production of multimedia learning objects covering basic laboratory skills. Finally, a major chemical education research project is being studied in an attempt to identify factors that influence student outcomes and the learning experience in first year undergraduate chemistry courses.

Selected Publications

"Teaching Chromatography Using Virtual Chromatography Exercises", David C. Stone, J. Chem. Ed., 2007, 84(9), 1488-1496.

"Dumber students or dumber teaching: where will our future analytical chemists come from?", David C. Stone, Analyst , 2005, 130 , 419 - 420.

"Applications of Electronic Noses and Tongues in Food Analysis', Anil K. Deisingh, David C. Stone and Michael Thompson, Int. J. Food Sci. Tech. , 39 , 2004, 587-604.

"Characterization of Polymer Films of Pyrrole Derivatives for Chemical Sensing by Cyclic Voltammetry, X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Vapour Sorption Studies Applications", Zhiping Deng, David C. Stone and Michael Thompson, Analyst , 122 , 1997, 1129-1138.

"Effect of Redox State on the Response of Poly-N-(2-cyanoethyl)pyrrole Coated Thickness-Shear Mode Acoustic Wave Sensors to Organic Vapours", Zhiping Deng, David C. Stone and Michael Thompson, Analyst , 121 , 1996, 1341-1348.

"Selective Detection of Aroma Components by Acoustic Wave Sensors Coated with Conducting Polymer Films", Zhiping Deng, David C. Stone and Michael Thompson, Analyst , 121 , 1996, 671-679.


"Surface-launched Acoustic Wave Devices: Chemical Sensing and Thin Film Characterization", Michael Thompson and David C. Stone, Chemical Analysis, J. D. Winefordner (Ed.), Vol. 144, Wiley, New York NY, April 1997.