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Jennifer G. Murphy

Jennifer G. Murphy

Academic Title: Professor

Phone: 416-946-0260

Office: LM 248


Research Homepage: http://www.chem.utoronto.ca/wp/murphygroup


The field of environmental chemistry comprises many research questions that are both challenging to scientists and relevant to society. Research in our group applies state-of-the-science analytical techniques to address issues including urban air quality, climate change, acid precipitation, and ecosystem function. Earth systems are difficult to fully characterize because of the range of temporal and spatial scales involved, and the large number of feedbacks, non-linearities, and interactions between systems. Models developed to represent these systems are often poorly constrained due to the limited availability of long term, precise, and accurate observations with adequate geographic coverage and spatial resolution. Our focus is on field measurements, particularly of reactive nitrogen compounds, that can be used to evaluate our understanding of the rates and mechanisms of chemical transformations in the environment.

Selected Publications

VandenBoer, T.C., Petroff, A., Markovic, M.Z., Murphy, J.G., "Size distribution of alkyl amines in continental particulate matter and their online detection in the gas and particle phase", Atmos Chem Phys, 11, 4319-4332, 2011.

Markovic, M. Z., Hayden, K.L., Murphy, J.G., Makar, P.A., Ellis, R. A., Chang, R.Y.-W., Slowik, J.G., Mihele, C., Brook, J. "The effect of meteorological and chemical factors on the agreement between observations and predictions of fine aerosol composition in Southwestern Ontario during BAQS-Met", Atmos Chem Phys, 11, 3195-3210, 2011.

Ellis, R. A., Murphy, J.G., Markovic, M.Z., VandenBoer, T. C., Makar, P. A., Brook, J, Mihele, C. "The influence of gas-particle partitioning and surface-atmosphere exchange on ammonia during BAQS-Met", Atmos Chem Phys, 11, 133-145, 2011.

Murphy, J.G., Reeves, C.E., Oram, D.E., "Measurements of volatile organic compounds over West Africa", Atmos Chem Phys, 10, 5281-5294, 2010.

Ellis, R.A., Murphy, J.G., Pattey, E., van Haarlem, R., O’Brien, J.M., Herndon, S.C., "Characterizing a Quantum Cascade Tunable Infrared Laser Differential Absorption Spectrometer (QC-TILDAS) for Measurements of Atmospheric Ammonia", Atmos Meas Tech, 3, 397-406, 2010.

von Bobrutzki, K., C. F. Braban, D. Famulari, S. K. Jones, T. Blackall, T. E. L. Smith, M. Blom, H. Coe, M. Gallagher, M. Ghalaieny, M. R. McGillen, C. J. Percival, J. D. Whitehead, R. Ellis, J. Murphy, A. Mohacsi, H. Junninen, A. Pogany, S. Rantanen, M. A. Sutton, and E. Nemitz, "Field Inter-comparison of Eleven Ammonia Measurement Techniques", Atmos Meas Tech, 3, 91-112, 2010.

Geddes, J.A., Murphy, J.G., Wang, D.K., "Long term changes in nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds in Toronto and the challenges facing local ozone control", Atmos Env, 43, 3407-3415, 2009.