University of Toronto
Stephan Research Group

October 2018:

Welcome to Youngsuk Kim and Lars Suesse! Both Youngsuk and Lars join the Stephan group as international visiting graduate students; Youngsuk joins us from POSTECH (South Korea) and Lars from T.U. Berlin (Germany).

September 2018:

Welcome to John DeBackere! John joins us after completing his PhD with Professor Schrobilgen at McMaster University as our newest postdoctoral fellow.

Welcome to Alina Trofima, Daniel Ebanks and Katherine Burton! Alina and Daniel are both CHM 499 students and Katherine joins us as a volunteer.

August 2018:

Congratulations to Karlee & Saurabh and Eliar & Star! Both couples have recently gotten engaged!

Congratulations to Ryan! Ryan was recently awarded a Ontario Graduate Scholarship!

July 2018:

Welcome to Tytus Gralak! Tytus joins the Stephan group for the summer as a volunteer student.

June 2018:

Congratulations to Doug! Doug has been appointed University Professor at the University of Toronto. This is incredibly prestigious with only 56 professors at the university holding this distinguished title. 

The CSC 2018 in Edmonton was a Stephan Group reunion of old and new members.

Welcome back to Catherine Yao! Catherine joins the Stephan group for the summer as an undergraduate volunteer student.

At the department's most recent convocation event, Doug and Rob Batey caught up and had some time to speak with Professor John Polyani, the Department of Chemistry's very own Nobel Laureate!

May 2018:

Congratulations Meera Mehta & Matt Rubel on their recent nuptials! Their wedding was celebrated over four days with traditional Sangeet and Mehndi ceremonies in addition to the wedding and reception, which also involved the groom arriving by horse!

                   Group members and guests at the wedding ceremony.              

   Doug and Meera at the wedding reception.

April 2018:

Welcome to Benedikt Guddorf! Benedikt joins the Stephan group as a visiting researcher from the University of Münster.

Congratulations of Alex Pulis and Katsuhiko Takeuchi! Alex has recently accepted a Lectureship position at the University of Leicester (UK), starting in September 2018. Katsuhiko has accepted a position with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) as a tenure track researcher.

January 2018:

Congratulations to Judy who has been awarded a prestigious JSPS Fellowship and will be joining Professor Makoto Yamashita's group at Nagoya University in the spring of 2018!

Welcome to Carolin Schneider and Maegan Ong! Carolin joins our group from the University of Münster as part of the IRTG program and Maegan has joined us as an undergraduate volunteer student.

Congratulations to Louie! Louie has been awarded his PhD in Inorganic Chemistry!

December 2017:

Congratulations to Doug and Dianne on welcoming their first grandchild!

Welcome to Alvaro Briceno-Strocchia. Alvaro joins our group as a volunteer student until he begins graduate studies in the summer of 2018.

November 2017:

Congratulations to Julia! Julia has been nominated for a Notable Award for Best in Fitness. The Notable Awards honour the best of the best of Canada's young professionals. Be sure to vote delay for Julia, you can find her under the Best in Fitness Presented by Equinox by clicking here:

Congratulations Judy! Judy has been awarded her PhD in Chemistry.