Recent Group Alumni


M. A. D. Neves | Ph.D. | 2015
Development of an Ultra-High Frequency Aptamer Based Sensor Platform for Small Molecule Detection

T. Yang | M.Sc. | 2015
Anti-thrombogenic study of ultrathin monoethylene glycol adlayer on 316L stainless steel against whole human blood.

J. Sheng | Ph.D. | 2015
Assembling surface linker chemistry and minimization of biosensor non-specific adsorption.

P. Benvenuto | Ph.D. | 2015
Self-assembled monolayer-based surface modification of stainless steel for oriented antibody immobilization: Towards improved stent biocompatibility.

E. Chan | M.A.Sc. | 2015
Surface fuctionalization of piezoelectric aluminum nitride with selected amino acid and peptides.


N. Pawlowska | M.Sc. | 2014
Probing the hydration of ultrathin antifouling adlayers using neutron reflectometry.

S. Sheikh | Ph.D. | 2014
Antifouling and antithrombogenic ultrathin surface chemistry for bioanalytical and biomedical applications.


S.L.Y. Cheung | Ph.D. | 2012
Interfacial behaviour of immortalized murine hypothalamic neurons studied by an acoustic transverse wave biosensor.


S. Bokhari | M.A.Sc | 2011
Label-free, direct detection of cocaine using an aptamer inconjunction with an ultra-high frequency acoustic wave sensor.


J. Sheng | M.Sc. | 2009
A novel biosensing interface preparation method for electromagnetic piezoelectric acoustic sensor.

M. Saoud | M.Sc. | 2009
Development and utilization of shear mode acoustic biosensors for the detection of ovarian cancer.

S. Sheikh | M.A.Sc. | 2009
Selective biochemical interactions studied by an ultrahigh frequency acoustic wave device


S. Saman Sadeghi Hosseni | Ph.D. | 2008
Design of an electrochemical cognitive system
– PDF, Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA.

J.S. Ellis | Ph.D. | 2008
The study of interfacial dynamics at biochemically-modified surfaces using acoustic wave physics and molecular simulations
– PDF, Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology Fellow, Tyndall National Insatiate, Cork, Ireland.

H. Huo | Ph.D. | 2008
Kelvin characterization of substrate-attached protein layers and the protein microarray
– Research Scientist, Albany Molecular Research Inc., Albany, NY, USA.

X. Wang | Ph.D. | 2008
Surface-attached biochemicals and cells studied by on-line acoustic wave sensor
– Research Scientist, National Research Council of Canada, Environment Laboratory, Edmonton.


S. Ballantyne | Ph.D. | 2005
Electromagnetic excitation of high frequency acoustic shear waves for the study of interfacial biochemical phenomena
– Laboratory Manager, The Solar venture Co., Toronto.