There are many forms of accommodations conveniently situated in the nearby area around the University of Toronto. For your convenience we have booked rooms in two nearby hotels at negotiated prices, and compiled a list of other nearby accommodations (Hotels, Bed and Breakfast) for your reference. Rooms are booked in the following two hotels, details as listed. To obtain the negotiated rates listed below, please identify yourself with the "Chemical Biophysics Symposium" at the University of Toronto when booking your room(s). Additionally, please note that the rooms will be held only until March 12, 2002, thus there is no guarantee from the respective hotels that these rooms will still be available after that time nor will they necessarily be available at the prices herein listed.
Hotel Address Telephone number People per Room Rate (per night) Notes
Days Inn 30 Carlton Street 416-977-6655 Up to 4 persons $99 flat rate About a 12 minute walk away from where the conference will be held. Parking is extra.
Quality Hotel 280 Bloor Street West 416-968-0010 1 person $99 About a 7 minute walk away from where the conference will be held. Parking is extra.
2 persons $114
3 persons $129
4 persons $144
Should other accommodations be more to your liking the following hotels and bed and breakfast places may also be of interest to you. For the following hotels, many of them offer discounted "university rates" to visiting faculty and students to the University of Toronto. Discounted rates can be obtained with student/faculty identification. In some cases, they may require further proof from the University of Toronto that you are indeed a guest of the University. In such cases, please feel free to email Chuck at and he will be happy to send a letter to the hotel on behalf of the conference to verify the nature of your visit. Please include a list naming the specific hotel as well as the names of each member of your group. The quoted rates listed below should be checked individually with the respective hotels. They may or may not be accurate; they are listed simply for your convenience.
Hotel Address Telephone number People per Room Rate (per night) Notes
Delta Chelsea 33 Gerrard Street West 1-800-Chelsea 1 or 2 persons $140 University rate, requires letter of proof. 20 minute walk from University.
Park Hyatt Hotel 4 Avenue road 416-924-5471 Up to 2 persons $195 University rate. 10 minute walk away.
Howard Johnson 89 Avenue Road 416-964-1220 Up to 4 persons $99 flat rate University rate. 15 min walk away.
The Four Seasons 21 Avenue Road 416-964-0411 Various $295-415 for the entire weekend. Discounted weekend rate. 25 min walk away.
Casa Loma 21 Walmer Road. 416-924-4540 1 or 2 beds $70-130 Only non-smokers. 15 min walk away.

Bed and Breakfast Address Phone # Persons per room Quoted rates per night Notes
Beaconsfied 38 Beaconsfield Avenue 416-535-3338 1 person $79 30 min walk away.
2 persons $99
Churchview 105 Howland Avenue 416-975-2656 1 person $89 20 min walk away.
2 persons $99
Homewood Inn 65 Homewood Avenue 416-920-7944 1 person $60 15 min walk away.
2 persons $70
Private suites for 2 persons $110
Palmerston Inn 322 Palmerston Boulevard 416-920-7842 1 person From $70  
Woodlawn Residence 80 Woodlawn Avenue East 416-923-8454