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CHM135H Chemistry: Physical Principles (formerly CHM139H)

TitleCHM135H Chemistry: Physical Principles (formerly CHM139H)
Schedule3 lectures
3 (A) labs
1 tutorials
Notes: Offered in Fall and Winter. CHM135H may not be taken with CHM136H in the same session.
TopicsThis course is recommended for students in the life and health science programs. The course opens with an introduction to atomic theory; fundamental concepts of spectroscopy and chemical bonding are also introduced. After a brief review of reaction stoichiometries, the structure of matter - gases, liquids, solids and beyond - will be discussed. The solution state is then presented with an emphasis on properties of solutions including chemical equilibria in solution, particularly those of acids and bases. The course concludes with an introduction to the kinetics and the thermodynamics of reactions of both chemical and biochemical interest.
BackgroundExclusions: CHM139H, CHM151Y, CHMA11H3, CHM110H5, CHM140Y5
Pre-requisites: Chemistry SCH4U; Mathematics MHF4U + MCV4U
Co-requisites: MAT(135H, 136H)/135Y/137Y/157Y recommended, but may be required pre-requisite in 2nd year Chemistry courses; PHY(131H, 132H)/(151H, 152H) recommended
  1. McMurry, Fay, CHEMISTRY with Mastering & Selected Solutions RVP, 7th ed
Lab FeeThis course charges a lab fee.
Course SpokespersonKristine Quinlan, Rm: LM 226, Ph: 416-946-0743
Jessica D'eon, Rm: LM 119, Ph: 416-978-7283
LecturerKristine Quinlan, Rm: LM 226, Ph: 416-946-0743
Eugenia Kumacheva, Rm: LM 627, Ph: 416-978-3576
Gilbert Walker, Rm: LM 145, Ph: 416-946-8401 / fax 416-946-3649
Jessica D'eon, Rm: LM 119, Ph: 416-978-7283
Rebecca Jockusch, Rm: LM 253, LM 151, Ph: 416-946-7198, 416-978-6033
Mark Wilson, Rm: LM 241A, Ph: 416-978-2946
Al-Amin Dhirani, Rm: LM 254, Ph: 416-946-5789
Dvira Segal, Rm: LM 420D, Ph: 416-946-0559

Fall: K. Quinlan, E. Kumacheva, G. Walker
Winter: J. D'eon, R. Jockusch, M. Wilson
Winter evening: A. Dhirani, D. Segal
Spokeperson: K. Quinlan (Fall); J. D'eon (Winter)

Course OutlineCHM135H1 - OUTLINE - Fall 2017.pdf
CHM135H1 - OUTLINE - Winter 2018.pdf
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