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CHM238Y Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry

TitleCHM238Y Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry
Schedule2 lectures
4 (A) labs
TopicsThe aim of this course is to give students an introduction to modern inorganic chemistry. It is the first part (with CHM338F) of a two-year sequence in Inorganic Chemistry. The course will build on the concepts introduced in the first year, so that CHM(138H, 139H)/151Y (or equivalent) is an essential prerequisite. The student must have obtained a minimum grade of 63% on those courses, or permission from the department to take this course. Current or previous enrolment in CHM247H/249H is also recommended.

The course will introduce the fundamental concepts of inorganic chemistry. It will begin with a series of case studies through which important principles of inorganic chemistry will be presented. These will include a brief review of pertinent aspects of atomic structure, an introduction to inorganic synthesis, electron counting and redox processes as well as the use of symmetry to describe the shapes of inorganic molecules. Theories of bonding in inorganic molecules using both the valence bond and molecular orbital approaches will be presented. These ideas will be extended to understand the structure, bonding and properties of metallic and ionic solids. The diversity of chemistry to be found among the main group and transition elements will then be highlighted. Fundamental reactions and structures of main group compounds will be examined and contrasted with the coordination and organometallic chemistry of the transition metal elements. Lastly, the synthesis and structure of solid state materials will be discussed, building upon material presented earlier in the course. The formation and properties of cages, clusters, rings, polymers and novel solids constructed from inorganic substances will be highlighted. Technologically important aspects of the chemistry of the inorganic elements will be described throughout the course.

It is imperative that each student enroll with the Department for his/her CHM 238Y laboratory class during the week-long registration period just prior to the beginning of the Fall term in September. Laboratory class lists will be posted before the start of the Fall session. Students are responsible for checking these lists and reporting errors or omissions to the lab instructor.
BackgroundExclusions: CHM231H5
Pre-requisites: CHM151Y1/(135H/139H1, 136H/138H1) with a minimum grade of 63%.
  1. C.E. Housecroft and A.G. Sharpe, INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 4/E, Prentice Hall, 2012 ISBN-10: 0273742752 ISBN-13: 9780273742753
  2. L. Smart and E. Moore, SOLID STATE CHEMISTRY, AN INTRODUCTION, 4th ed., CRC Press (Winter session)
  3. Reference: J. E. Huheey, INORGANIC CHEMISTRY: PRINCIPLES OF STRUCTURE AND REACTIVITY, 4th ed., Harper and Row, 1993
Lab FeeThis course charges a lab fee.
LecturerDouglas McIntosh, Rm: LM 223, Ph: 416-946-3743
Datong Song, Rm: DB 343, Ph: 416-978-7014 / fax 416-978-7013
Geoffrey Ozin, Rm: LM 326, Ph: 416-978-2082 / fax 416-971-2011
Lab InstructorDouglas McIntosh, Rm: LM 223, Ph: 416-946-3743
Course OutlineCHM238Y - OUTLINE - Fall Winter 2017-18.pdf
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