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CHM327H Experimental Physical Chemistry

TitleCHM327H Experimental Physical Chemistry
Schedule1 lectures
4 labs
TopicsStudents are exposed to experiments to help them experience modern physical chemistry. Labs designed to illustrate physical chemistry principles and practical techniques as well as their real world state or the art applications. The course also involves some lecture material to broaden the laboratory experience
BackgroundPre-requisites: CHM225Y/(CHM220H/222H, 221H/223H) with a minimum grade of 63%.
Co-requisites: Recommended: CHM326H or CHM328H
Lab FeeThis course charges a lab fee.
LecturerM. Cynthia Goh, Rm: LM 522, Ph: 416-978-6254
Lab InstructorM. Cynthia Goh, Rm: LM 522, Ph: 416-978-6254
Course OutlineCHM327H1 - OUTLINE - Fall 2017.pdf
Last Updated2018-03-13 15:58:01

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