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CHM437H Bioinorganic Chemistry (Graduate Course: CHM1263H)

TitleCHM437H Bioinorganic Chemistry (Graduate Course: CHM1263H)
Schedule2 lectures
TopicsEssential elements, harmful elements, naturally occurring ligands, chelating ligands, ligands used in chelate therapy, functions of metals, principles of bioinorganic coordination chemistry, template effect, spontaneous self-assembly, properties of biological molecules, transport of metal ions, control and utilization of metal-ion concentrations, DNA binding, enzymes exploiting acid catalysis, NMR studies, developing artificial hydrolytic metalloenzymes, zinc fingers, electron transfer and energy sources for life, iron-sulfur proteins, Mossbauer spectroscopy, hydrogenases, nitrogenase, atom and group transfer chemistry, redox enzymes, biomineralization, radiopharmaceuticals.
BackgroundExclusions: CHM333H5, CHMD69H3
Pre-requisites: CHM238Y
Strongly Recommended: CHM338H
Recommended: CHM347H/379H
  1. TBA
  1. TBA
LecturerJik Chin, Rm: DB 462, Ph: 416-946-7335 / fax 416-978-7113
Course OutlineCHM437H1 - OUTLINE - Winter 2018.pdf
Last Updated2018-07-04 10:20:54

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