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CHM440H The Synthesis of Modern Pharmaceutical Agents (Graduate Course: CHM1004H)

TitleCHM440H The Synthesis of Modern Pharmaceutical Agents (Graduate Course: CHM1004H)
Schedule2 lectures
TopicsDevelopment of a modern drug is a complicated process that demands improved methods for selective transformations of organic molecules. Typically, medicinal chemistry efforts during the discovery stage focus on generating valuable structure/activity relationships for the compounds that are being screened for activity. At this stage, the main synthetic challenges pertain to the selective transformations of available building blocks into diversely functionalized derivatives. At the next stage, process chemists take over the project and face completely different issues that relate to finding the shortest and most efficient route to the candidate identified during the medicinal chemistry part of the campaign. The present course provides an overview of reactions that are being used at different stages of the drug development process. Using representative examples from the literature, we will concentrate on synthesis of complex heterocyclic compounds.
BackgroundPre-requisites: CHM342H
  1. Clayden et al., ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, Oxford Press 2004, ISBN 01985013466
LecturerMark Lautens, Rm: DB 359, Ph: 416-978-6083
Last Updated2017-07-26 15:07:04

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