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PMU199H Great Discoveries and Grand Challenges in Chemistry

TitlePMU199H Great Discoveries and Grand Challenges in Chemistry
Schedule2 lectures
TopicsThe stories of how great discoveries in chemistry came about vary widely but are always fascinating. This course will explore both how great discoveries have come about and how chemists seek to provide tools to address the grand challenges of today. Specific topics vary each year. Sample topics include the local Nobel-prize winning discovery of insulin, the power of new materials, chemistsí role in the discovery of the ozone hole and chemistry-enabled strategies to address our planetís energy needs. Through this seminar course, students will develop an appreciation for the power of chemistry and the scientific method.
LecturerRonald Kluger, Rm: DB 444, Ph: 416-978-3582
Last Updated2017-07-27 13:54:16

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