ChemClub headed out of the city to spend a weekend with the bugs at Sibbald Point Provincial Park. There were no bugs to speak of, so next year we’ll carefully schedule our camping trip during the peak of black fly season. The trip did however coincide with the end of the Perseid Meteor Shower; we had one very clear night and were able to catch numerous shooting stars. The weather held up for us wonderfully, and those among us sporting the lab-rat complexion were able to satisfy the need for a summer sunburn. We were within walking distance of the beach, and enjoyed swimming in beautiful Lake Simcoe. We did things right on this camping trip – we brought a guitar and ukulele, made s’mores over the fire, and had a cooler full of ice-cold beer. It was a nice change to see a fire in a fire pit, where it could be used to roast marshmallows, rather than incinerate bacteria. The over-the-fire cooking in general on this trip was very impressive, with creations ranging from chili, to Korean pancakes, to chocolate-stuffed bananas.

ChemClub rented a group campsite, which gave us more than ample room to all pitch our tents. We had enough space left over on the site to strike up games of freezbie, and ‘sportsball’, as well as to set up the volleyball court that was brought along by the volleyball enthusiasts. The trip wasn’t exactly the most restful; we played enough volleyball over the weekend to make walking on Monday morning a bit more challenging than usual.

Thanks to those of you who came out! It was a great trip, with lots of laughs shared; a nice capstone to an excellent summer.


We have some photos from the trip – as always, head over to our Flickr site to check them out.