UPDATE: Draw date has been changed to Thursday October 9th at 4 PM in Davenport West. The Deadline has been moved back to Wednesday October 8th.

ChemClub has obtained 30 tickets for the Book of Mormon! The show is at 8 PM on Wednesday October 15th at the Princess of Wales Theater. We’ll be selling tickets for $30 each by lottery.

If you are interested in purchasing a ticket, please enter your name and email in our survey.

The draw will take place at donuts on Thursday October the 9th (4 PM, Davenport West). Eligibility is limited to chemistry students (undergraduate, graduates and post-docs). You must be at the draw with the $30 to receive your ticket. If a name is drawn and the person is not in attendance or does not have the $30, another name will be drawn in the lottery. The lottery will continue until all tickets are sold.

Entering the survey multiple times will result in disqualification. The deadline to apply is Wednesday October 8th.

Good luck everyone!