On October 31st we held our annual Halloween Costume and Pumpkin Carving Contests in the Davenport Atrium.

Chemistry department members came to collect some free candy and show off their costumes, with appearances by multiple pokémon, Link, Batman, Mario, and more. Special honours go to Kiril Federov, who took first place with his Cossack costume (complete with horse and artillery), and Jonathan Moir, who was runner-up with his drag costume.

We also took the opportunity to watch intense pumpkin carving action as ten teams battled for a chance to win tickets to the ChemClub Holiday Party. Pumpkins were sliced, gutted, carved, and given additional props to add some flare. The results were terrific, ranging from murderous to musical. Congratulations to Samantha Smith, Heiko Rebmann, Karl Demmans and Molly Sung for carving the prize-winning “Glovebox Barbie” pumpkin.

After the results of the contests were announced, we headed out to Paupers Pub to relax for the night. Thanks to everyone who came out, particularly participants in both the contests.

You can check out photos of the great costumes and pumpkins from the evening on our Flickr page.