Pueblo Gala 2015: A Science Affair which will be held on March 19, 2015. The event will be a unique celebration set against a Science of Food theme featuring molecular gastronomy sampling, mixology show, related science tricks, and a live performance that will stimulate all five senses.

(Do check the website for the exciting menu – science and food make an awesome combination! http://puebloscience.org/events/gala2015/)

In addition, there will be a silent auction featuring a variety of items and activities, including “Be a Scientist For a Day” prizes, which enables the winners to come work in a lab to carry out an activity. ‘Scientist’ Prizes include: making your own hologram in a holography labs; extracting and see DNA using an atomic force microscope; analyze your own water samples and learn how the instrument works; DNA fingerprinting; etc.

Proceeds of the event serve a good cause: they will help sustain and expand Pueblo Science’s programs – and enable kids in low resource communities get hands-on science lessons! Over 70, 000 children and 1,000 teachers have benefited from Pueblo Science’s programs since 2011.

Tickets can be purchased on their website (http://puebloscience.org/events/gala2015/). Bring your family and friends for a fun night, and a worthwhile cause! Tax receipts will be issued according to CRA guidelines.

For students, we offer a promo rate, please use the following link: Pueblo Gala 2015: Student Price