Dvira Segal
Department of Chemistry
University of Toronto


Undergrads in Chemistry/Physics: Summer research projects are available for domestic students through NSERC USRA, or similar programs.
Other opportunities:
1. HEATER Summer 2018 Undergraduate Research Opportunity: HEATER
2. International students can be funded by CQIQC scholarship .
3. Excellent (domestic and international) U of T students may be funded by the UTEA - Please contact me directly.

I am also accepting students for the CHM499Y & PHY479Y research projects.

Graduate Students: A number of projects are available to prospective graduate students. Interested students can contact me directly. A formal application to Graduate Admissions will also have to be made.

Postoctoral Positions: Open positon during 2018 in the area of energy transport. Computational expertise in Path Integral methods or nonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulations is advantageous. Please contact me directly.

Please email: dsegal AT chem.utoronto.ca