Dvira Segal
Department of Chemistry
University of Toronto


Our research is driven by curiosity. The physical world is our playground to explore- and we are particularly intrigued by humans ability to interpret it using the language of mathematics.
Nanoscale non-equilibrium systems are especially fascinating to us: In principle, their dynamics should be described by quantum mechanical laws - yet they are typically too complex for a complete quantum treatment. They suffer from strong thermal and quantum fluctuations. They do not necessarily satisfy central thermodynamic assumptions. As we think about the complex function of nanoscale objects, be it organic or biological molecules in condensed phases, or hybrid quantum systems, we find ourselves at the crossing (or the conflict zone) of quantum dynamics, statistical mechanics and thermodynamics.

Join us if you take pleasure in a discovery research at the interface of chemistry, physics, math and computing.

Undergrads in Chemistry or Physics: Summer research projects are available for domestic students through NSERC USRA, or similar programs.
Other opportunities:
1. HEATER Summer 2018 Undergraduate Research Opportunity: HEATER
2. International students can be funded by CQIQC scholarship .
3. Excellent (domestic and international) U of T students may be funded by the UTEA - Please contact me directly.

I am also accepting students for the CHM499Y & PHY479Y research projects.

Graduate Students: A number of projects are available to prospective graduate students. Interested students please contact me directly. A formal application to Graduate Admissions will also have to be made.

Postoctoral Positions: Open positon during 2018 in the area of energy transport. Computational expertise in Path Integral methods or nonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulations is advantageous. Please contact me directly.

Please email: dvira.segal AT utoronto.ca