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Aaron Wheeler

Aaron Wheeler

Academic Title: Professor

Phone: 416-946-3864 / fax 416-946-3865

Office: LM 629A


Research Homepage: http://microfluidics.utoronto.ca


The "lab-on-a-chip" concept promises reduced reagent consumption and analysis time, the capacity to integrate multiple functions onto a single device, and the potential for high throughput analysis. Two paradigms have emerged for lab-on-a-chip: microchannels (lower left) and digital microfluidics (lower right). The former technique relies on enclosed, interconnecting, micron-dimension channels; the latter facilitates transport of discrete droplets of fluid across the surface of an array of electrodes. We are developing hybrid methods that rely on the unique advantages of microchannels and digital microfluidics for high-throughput bioanalytical applications. Please visit our group website for more information.

Selected Publications

Wheeler, A.R. "Chemistry: Putting Electrowetting to Work" Science 2008, 322, 539-540.

Jebrail, M.; Wheeler, A.R. "A Digital Microfluidic Method for Protein Extraction by Precipitation" Anal. Chem. 2009, 81, 330-335.

Yang, H.; Luk, V.N.; Abdelgawad, M.; Barbulovic-Nad, I.; Wheeler, A.R. "A World-to-Chip Interface for Digital Microfluidics" Anal. Chem. 2009, 81, 1061-1067.

Abdelgawad, M.; Watson, M.W.L.; Wheeler, A.R. "Hybrid Microfluidics: A Digital-to-Channel Interface for In-Line Sample Processing and Chemical Separations" Lab Chip 2009, 9, 1046-1051.

Abdelgawad, M.; Wheeler, A.R. "The Digital Revolution: A New Paradigm for Microfluidics" Adv. Mater. 2009, 21, 920-925.