CHM 317H1 Laboratory Information:

This page provides general information about the laboratory component of CHM 317. Students work in groups of 2 or 3 to complete sets of experiments, which are grouped by analytical method. Students then submit individual formal reports for each set of experiments. Full details on the lab marking scheme and evaluation will be found in the lab manual, which will be available from this site in late December.

Required Items:

All students will need the following items before the first lab i.e. before the semester officially begins:

Note: you may re-use a lab notebook from a previous course; use a large elastic band or clip to isolate the used pages.

A Note About Eye Protection:

University Health and Safety Policy specifically requires any person working with chemicals to wear indirectly vented safety goggles conforming to CSA Z94.3-02. Safety glasses do not meet this requirement.

General Preparation:

Make sure you read the lab manual introduction, safety information, procedures, and the first experiment. You will be required to print, fill out, sign, date, and hand in the Chemistry Department lab safety and plagiarism declaration at the start of your first lab.

Students who did not take CHM 217H1, but received transfer credit for an equivalent course, must make sure that they review the correct procedures for weighing, pipetting, and serial dilution. Some of these topics are covered by multimedia presentations. All students should review the on-line tutorial on Excel™, calibration, and regression – you will need this information for both your lab reports and the pre-lab assignment. Virtual tours of some of the instruments you will be using are also available.